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As the saying goes, 'prevention is better than cure'... we're always here to help by providing all of the services on the right hand side of the page, whenever you may require them.

We also want to help you in advance of trouble by giving you general maintenance tips on how to avoid unnecessary problems as well as saving money around your home and workplace.

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Latest Tips

The recent cold weather in Ireland has caused many problems in homes and businesses around the country. With the extreme cold weather set to return in the coming weeks, all this weeks tips are going to help you prepare your property for the cold conditions and explain how to save money on bills throughout.



• Keep the thermostat set at 20 degrees or lower and adjust it to 10 degrees when going to sleep or when you're away from the property (It is also recommended to have your heating come on and off intermittently while you are away).

• Turn off all nonessential lights. Use dishwashers and other major appliances only when necessary. If you are using the ESB's Nightsaver Tarriff use appliances between 11pm and 8am where possible.

Try to refrain from taking longer showers, which people often do when the weather is cold.

• Close windows and blinds to hold heat in.

• Don't sleep in any room with an unvented gas heater. Keep children away from gas heaters, and turn them off before you leave the room for a long period of time.



A uninsulated attic can cause up to 25% of your homes heat being lost unnecessarily, driving up the cost of your heating bills. Take time out to check the following list and if you would like further advice or information, contact us on the number below for a chat.

• Ensure the attic floor is properly insulated, but not underneath the water storage tank.
• Ensure that all exposed pipes in the roof space are insulated to prevent freezing.
• Make sure your attic water storage tank is wrapped with insulation.



The following are two changes that you could make today that will begin saving you money immediately!

• Ensure that your hot water cylinder has a properly fitted lagging jacket.
• If you live in a two storey dwelling, only turn the heating on upstairs for an hour prior to going to bed. Leave it off throughout the night and (if possible) timed to start again an hour before you get up each morning. As hot air rises, this method of heating is quite sufficient.



If you are leaving your house unattended/unheated for an extended period during the winter months, it is advisable to drain your water system. Be prepared for such an event, by taking time out today to locate the main shut off valve in your home. The valve can usually be found located underneath your kitchen sink.

To Drain:

1. Once the valve has been turned off, run the hot and cold bath taps until they run dry.

2. Open all remaining taps and flush all toilets.

3. On your return, close all taps and turn the main valve back on. Allow the attic storage tank time to refill and then open all taps separately to let air out of the system.

Ensuring your system is drained, will prevent burst pipes during sub zero weather conditions.



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